Soundscape Yunnan

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We continue our ethnic discrepancies this week with a real treat from the Far East- a very special guest mix from field recorder extraordinaire, Laurent Jeanneau.

Laurent Jeanneau aka KINK GONG is a Frenchman based in Yunnan, southern China, where he specializes in documenting and recording ethnic minority music. He also composes experimental music based around his enumerable field recordings. After contributing with recordings for labels such as Sublime Frequencies and a mind-blowing Ghulja mix for Touch records, Laurent treats us with a fantastic soundcape journey through the heart of Yunnan.

‘’On this special Yunnan mix, the acoustic recordings are on the foreground, without too much electronics. However, it’s still a mix, so even if you are listening to some pure beautiful women voices, chances are that it’s already been overdubbed and mixed. You might be listening to 3 voices at the same time, in perfect harmony, although in reality, the voices would be coming from three different villages in the Yunnan province, where they were recorded and then mixed at home for your listening pleasure. Most of the recordings come from ZHANG XING RONG- a music teacher in Kunming, the authority on Yunnan ethnic matters, as well as tracks from the KINK GONG ethnic recordings catalogue. To find out more go to King Gong records or his my space page. You can also get in touch with Laurent at’’

Laurent Jeanneau 2010