live: Empire Abroad, Surveillance at Home

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An exclusive patchwork of electroacoustic compositions by the duo of Andy Moor & Yannis Kyriakides.

Some of you might be familiar with Andy Moor's work as the guitarist for Dutch based seminal punk band, The Ex. However, Andy's experimental side projects outside the band go way behind the punk rock spectrum. Take his collaboration with Dj Rupture, Patches, where Edgard Varese,Timeblind and Skream are blended together with Andy's improvised guitar chops in an unique spontaneous effort of dubstep avant gardism... 

In this special collaboration, Andy's unusual guitar chords have joined forces with Yannis Kyriakides' myryad of electronic sounds, creating an unique microsmos of slowly evolving soundscapes, fluctuating beats, and rich oscillating harmonies. Entirely assembled from a mixture of released and unreleased work, the duo based this mix on the ideas expressed by surveillance expert, Alfred McCoy, in his book, 'Empire Abroad, Surveillance at Home'.
''According to Alfred McCoy, the security and surveillance methods introduced and refined by the US in the Philippines were brought home to these shores(USA), for use in domestic policing, intelligence, and other repressive techniques and systems that had profound consequences for civil liberties.''
For more on Andy Moor & Yannis Kyriakides' work head over to Andy's own label, Unsounds. Also make sure to check out their brilliant new 7'' series, Transfers,  based around the themes of transition and transportation.
Picture by Charbel Akhras